Athletes Experience How Sports Can Positively Change Lives in Olympic Channel’s Inspired By Sport


MADRID In the inspirational and emotional new series Inspired by Sport, Olympic athletes invite viewers to experience how sports can positively change lives as they witness first-hand the transformative power of sport through community-based organisations. The five-episode Olympic Channel original series is available worldwide exclusively at, and its apps for mobile, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV and the Roku platform. (No TV subscription is required.)

Each digital episode of Inspired by Sport features Olympians and elite athletes visiting sport programs and organisations that have effectively changed the landscape of their community tackling the most relevant social issues through sports development. Inspired by Sport was produced exclusively for the Olympic Channel global digital platform by VICE Media.

In the latest episode, Greek-American Olympian and long-distance runner Alexi Pappas visits the MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility in Woodburn, Oregon (USA) and meets young inmates who are preparing to run in the institution’s annual marathon.

Throughout her visit, Pappas connects with several inmates by exchanging personal stories of working through adversity while helping them to train for the marathon and prepare for the road ahead, both inside and outside of incarceration.

“I feel like you can be your own superhero when you are running. It’s fundamentally a good thing to find your own limits like that.” said Pappas. “The marathon can teach you so many things…the lessons these athletes learned today will take them so many places.”

Additional episodes of Inspired by Sport feature rock-climber Kyra Condie who witnesses first-hand the personal impact of climbing through Project Embark and Olympic Equestrian silver medallist Lucy Davis who explores the healing power of horses at Pal-O-Mine Equestrian. Upcoming episodes include athletes discovering the transformative power of sport through surfing in New Jersey and BMX cycling in London.

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Olympic Channel Episode Guide: Inspired by Sport

Episode 1 – For these young refugees, rock climbing is a path to foster confidence

Sport Climber Kyra Condie travels to Utah to experience how the challenge of rock climbing can bring personal transformation to four young women from Sudan, Chad and Iraq.

Episode 2 – How horses help people overcome challenges and be their best selves

Olympic Equestrian silver medallist Lucy Davis explores the immense healing power of horses and learns how her sport is changing lives.

Episode 3 – America’s only youth prison marathon guides inmates towards a better future

Olympic long-distance runner Alexi Pappas travels to Oregon to meet five youth prison members as they rally around each other to complete the facility’s annual race.

Episode 4 – At Surfers Healing, children living with autism are exposed to surfing

(Premieres 7 May 2020) – Surfer Parker Coffin will travel to the group’s biggest annual event in New Jersey to see it first-hand how conquering athletic challenges in the water can change lives.

Episode 5 – How a BMX club in Hackney is keeping the youth off the streets 

(Premieres 25 May 2020)Team GB BMX Olympian Shanaze Reade returns to London to see how the sport she loves has helped turn around lives in these neighbourhoods.


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