Olympic Channel Commissioning Brief


The Olympic Channel is a new multi-media platform. The aim of the channel is to create and sustain a global community who actively share the values of the Olympic Movement. It will be dynamic, interactive and fresh, in order to appeal to a target audience of 14-30 year olds – the young demographic known as millennials.

In broad terms, the programming strategy for the Olympic Channel is based around three key areas of content – commissioned original programming, live sports production, and news. To those ends, we are actively seeking highly creative Olympic-related content that will attract and retain a youthful audience, particularly in the years between Games.

Please note that all submissions should be sent in English.



This is a channel about Sport, not a Sports channel. Programming concepts should consider the full range of sports covered by Summer, Winter and Youth Olympic Games, as well as other international events. The content needs to cover all aspects of the Olympics – we want to provide equal coverage of all Olympic sports as well as look at those sports which are vying to be included in the future.

We are also not limited to stories only about marquee athletes. While big names will play a role, we’re equally interested in both athletes on the periphery as well as those exploring the sport for the first time. Ultimately, it needs to be authentic and true to the target demographic. We have a fantastic wealth of stories at our disposal; help us tell them to the world.



The format of the channel’s content will take a variety of forms (long-form, series, short form, etc.). We will not look to commission in specific strands or subjects, but instead will look for ideas from across the spectrum that will challenge the existing structure for digital content.

As for the Olympic Channel itself, its function is twofold. The channel will operate primarily as a digital platform, but secondly, additional linear channels may be launched in association with the national Rights Holding Broadcaster of certain territories. The material for the digital platform will not necessarily air on the linear extension, but it’s imperative that all linear programming must be made available for digital video on demand. Because of that, linear programming will require more traditional formats while the digital material can take a variety of lengths. It’s important that proposals consider both avenues and make efficient use of the subject matter in order to maximise the amount of content generated.

Here are some additional considerations:

  • Style – The tone and aesthetic should speak to our target audience. We are looking for fresh and innovative storytelling techniques that draw inspiration from today’s popular digital content, among other places. Things like non-traditional angles, movement, strong music cues, distinct graphics, should all have a place here. We want strong images and a vision that propels the narrative.
  • Use of proposed formats – We are contacted by producers from all over the world, who are constantly proposing new ideas. The formats or programme ideas you propose may have been presented by someone else before you or even developed in-house. Presenting a specific format or idea to us does not imply any priority in respect of that format or idea.
  • Language – Participants are expected to speak their native languages on footage, unless they prefer to use English. Voiceover, if any, should be in English.
  • Athletes – Athlete involvement in the content creation should be coordinated with the Olympic Channel. Guidelines for engagement with athletes will be provided prior to contact with the athletes.
  • Archive – Crucially, OCS will make selected IOC archive material available to the channel’s production partners at no charge. During the development and pre-production stage, producers may be granted access to the extensive archive on a read-only basis to help research their ideas.
  • Music – We intend to set up contracts with existing Music Libraries, which would be available to production partners for use with their programming. However, it would still be possible to use specifically-created music if there were editorial reasons and budgetary means to do so.
  • Budget – Budgets for content creation are limited. Therefore, please note that budgets should be proposed which are efficient and geared toward an economic approach and continued engagement for the content creator. All estimates should be made in local currency, but also converted into Euros for information purposes only.
  • Social Media – The channel will utilize social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Weibo, VK, Dailymotion, etc., to push and promote the content and engage viewers.



To join, to watch, to participate, to share
Edgy style but respecting the IOC’s fundamental values
Not simply a Sports Channel. Come for the Sport, stay for the Spirit

Platform-appropriate & native content

Participation from and engagement with communities (i.e. volunteers, fans, athletes, IFs…) will be a priority

Best-in-class production talent from across the globe to cover stories from all sides