Legend Garrett McNamara Returns to Big Wave Surfing in Shredding Monsters: Mavericks on the Olympic Channel



McNamara, Jamie Mitchell and Aaron Gold head to California’s Half Moon Bay to face the sport’s most dangerous waves
– Featuring the best surfers as they face the biggest waves in the adrenaline-filled world of big wave surfing, the Olympic Channel presents Shredding Monsters: Mavericks on Monday, 16 July on the global media platform at olympicchannel.com and its mobile apps.

Shredding Monsters: Mavericks follows big wave surfing legend Garrett McNamara as he returns to Mavericks in Half Moon Bay, California to face the world’s most infamous waves for the first time since a devastating wipeout in the same spot two years earlier nearly ended his career.

“It’s really challenging when you remember the pain, and then you’re going back to where the pain came from,” said McNamara, 50, a former big wave world record holder for riding the world’s biggest wave that was only recently broken in May 2018. “If you’re not going to enjoy the wipeouts then you don’t really belong out there, and you’re not going to have much fun out there.”

In his return to Mavericks, McNamara is joined by big wave athletes Jamie Mitchell, Aaron Gold, Alessandro Marciano, Hawaii’s Emily Erickson and 16-year-old surf prodigy Luca Padua as they face their fears against one of the world’s most treacherous big wave breaks.

“Surfing a big wave is like nothing else in life,” said Erickson, one of one few female big wave surf riders in the world. “It’s really awesome to be a part of all these women joining together and pushing the envelope. Doing something completely alien to you, outside of the box, something risky…if anyone can find any inspiration in that then it’s a great thing.”

“I have Garrett and Jamie and all these guys to look up to, and I think what’s really cool about this sport is that I’m close friends with all my heroes,” added Padua, a Northern California native who has been riding the waves of Mavericks since he was 13. “The surfing community is like one big family and having surfing in the Olympics is just another thing to bring us even closer.”

Shredding Monsters: Mavericks is an Olympic Channel original production and its second film dedicated to the sport of surfing which will make its debut on the Olympic Programme at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

The second instalment in the Shredding Monsters franchise comes from the same Olympic Channel team who produced and directed the 2017 film Shredding Monsters: Nazare. The documentary follows some of the world’s best big wave surfers including McNamara, Mitchell, Marciano, Hugo Vao and Andrew Cotton as they descend on the Portuguese fishing village in search of the biggest swell of the year.

“More and more people are becoming fascinated by big wave surfing and the athletes who push their limits against one of nature’s most powerful elements,” said Mark Parkman, general manager of the IOC’s global Olympic Channel. “With Tokyo 2020 on the horizon, viewers are sure to be fascinated by their stories, and we look forward to showcasing the sport’s high performance and youthful energy to a broader audience through the Olympic Channel.”

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