New Season of Olympic Channel’s Anatomy of Breaks Down the Science of World Class Athletes with the Help off Olympian Lolo Jones


MADRIDThe bodies of Olympic athletes are pushed to the max to find out what it takes to be an elite athlete in a new season of the Olympic Channel original series Anatomy of. With the help of fellow Team USA Olympian Lolo Jones, each episode examines the strengths and physical capabilities of an athlete to unveil the science behind what makes them excel in their sport. The premiere episode of the third season of Anatomy of featuring Team USA sprinter Tori Bowie is available at and its apps for mobile, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV and the Roku platform.

With the help of sports science, Anatomy of examines the physiques and unique body characteristics of Olympic athletes to reveal what makes them special. Through physically exhausting tests and expert analysis, elite athletes demonstrate their physiological prowess and anatomical features that have powered them to the top of their sports.

In Anatomy of a Sprinter, Olympic gold medallist Tori Bowie demonstrates what it takes to be an Olympic and world champion in running by testing and examining her physique in a science lab.

“I feel like my talent is something that I was both born with and something I have to work extremely hard at,” said Bowie. “I never give up. If you don’t give up, you will always have a chance to win or do well or be successful.”

New episodes will be available over the next month that test the power of Olympic bronze medallist in badminton Marcus Ellis (GBR), the strength of wrestler and Olympic bronze medallist J’den Cox (USA), the stamina of marathoner Desiree Linden (USA), the hidden strength of archer Atanu Das (IND) and the balance of BMX Olympic gold medallist Connor Fields (USA).

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Olympic Channel Episode Guide: Anatomy Of (Season 3)

7 May Anatomy of a Sprinter: Tori Bowie (USA)
14 May Anatomy of a Badminton Player: Marcus Ellis (GBR)
18 May Anatomy of a Wrestler: J’den Cox (USA)
20 May Anatomy of a Marathon Runner: Desiree Linden (USA)
28 May Anatomy of an Archer: Anatu Das (IND)
11 June Anatomy of a BMX Racer: Connor Fields (USA)

Schedule is subject to change.


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