Olympians Travel to Pyongyang in New Olympic Channel Documentary “Running in North Korea”


Team GB’s Aimee Fuller and Switzerland’s Mirjam “Mimi” Jaeger Travel to Pyongyang to Participate in the 2019 Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon

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MADRID – Sending a powerful message that sport has no boundaries, Olympians Aimee Fuller and Mirjam “Mimi” Jaeger travel to Pyongyang in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) in the new film, Running in North Korea. The Olympic Channel original documentary is available worldwide at olympicchannel.com, its mobile apps and on connected TV devices.

Running in North Korea captures the journeys of two Olympians as they travel to Pyongyang to participate in the 2019 Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon, also known as the Pyongyang Marathon. During their week-long visit, Aimee Fuller, from Great Britain, and Mirjam “Mimi” Jaeger, from Switzerland, experience the local sports culture and meet fellow Olympians from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Fuelled by curiosity, wonder and a wish to connect with athletes no matter their nationality, the Olympic Channel original documentary is an inside look at the isolated country and showcases the power of sports to go beyond politics.

Athletes from the DPRK interviewed in the film who provide insight into how sport has impacted their personal lives include 1996 Olympian and 1999 World Champion in the marathon Jong Song Ok, and 2012 Olympic Gold Medallist, 2016 Olympic Silver Medallist and five-time World Champion in weightlifting, Om Yun Chol.

Fuller and Jaeger’s experience in Pyongyang included visits to the training centres for diving, table tennis, weightlifting and artistic gymnastics. In one poignant scene, they were joined by three local athletes at a local track for a training run.

“This was my first ever marathon and I discovered the power of sport in humanising the unknown,” said Fuller.

Through their connection with fellow athletes, interviews with local sports heroes and exclusive footage, Fuller and Jaeger provide a fascinating look at how sports are practised and revered in the country of more than 25.5 million.

“It was an amazing and unique experience. I smiled during the whole race, which I have never done before,” said Jaeger.

The Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon is held annually every April and is one of the largest sporting events on the DPRK sporting calendar. Runners from around the world, including nearly 1,000 foreigners, participated in the 2019 event. The 26.2-mile course started in front of a near capacity crowd at the 50,000 seat Kim Il Sung Stadium and led participants by many of Pyongyang’s important landmarks, along the Taedong River and through residential neighbourhoods.

The Olympic Channel original production is made possible through the efforts of the National Olympic Committee of the DPRK who helped the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to give the film crew access to the country.

In January 2018, the IOC paved the way for the DPRK to compete at the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 resulting in an athlete delegation of 22 athletes who competed in three sports and five disciplines. DPRK athletes joined the Republic of Korea (ROK) at the Opening Ceremony under the Korean Unification Flag.

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