Olympic Channel to Present More than 35 Live Events in Partnership with International Federation Partners


MADRID – From ice hockey Olympic Qualifiers for PyeongChang 2018 to world-class competitions from around the globe, the Olympic Channel will present live coverage of more than 35 events in partnership with 10 International Sports Federations (IFs) in 2016. The new, ground-breaking digital platform where fans can experience the power of sport and the Olympic Movement all year round is now available worldwide via mobile apps for Android and iOS devices and at olympicchannel.com after launching 21 August following the Rio 2016 Closing Ceremony.

The Olympic Channel collaborations to broadcast events aim to complement the International Federations’ current broadcast and distribution arrangements. In addition to these events, the Olympic Channel team is currently working with the IFs to create innovative partnerships, including event coverage, highlights, magazine shows, news coverage and original programming with further announcements expected this Fall.

“We look forward to working with our IF partners to help distribute their events and extend their reach to fans around the world. Placing a spotlight on Olympic sports and athletes outside of the Games themselves is one of the key priorities of the Olympic Channel,” said Mark Parkman, General Manager of the Olympic Channel. “Launching the Olympic Channel with this event programming already in place ensures that fans will be able to continue their excitement of Rio and the Olympic Games all year long.”

Olympic Channel agreements include the following International Federation 2016 events:

Live Coverage Event IF/Sport
1 – 2, 4 Sep. Men’s Final Olympic Qualifying Tournament (Minsk, Belarus; Riga, Latvia; Oslo, Norway) IIHF (Ice Hockey)
3 – 4 Sep. ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup 5 (Prague, Czech Republic) ICF (Canoe)
10 Sep. ITTF North America Team Championships (Milpitas, California, United States) ITTF (Table Tennis)
10 – 11 Sep. Indonesian Masters 2016 Grand Prix Gold (Balikpapan, Indonesia) BWF (Badminton)
10 – 11 Sep. ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup Final (Ljubliana, Slovenia) ICF (Canoe)
11 Sep. India Junior & Cadet Open, ITTF Premium Junior Circuit (Indorse, India) ITTF (Table Tennis)
17 – 18 Sep. ITU World Triathlon Grand Final (Cozumel, Mexico) ITU (Triathlon)
18 Sep. Croatia Junior & Cadet Open, ITTF Premium Circuit (Varazdin, Croatia) ITTF (Table Tennis)
23 – 25 Sep. YONEX Open Japan 2016 Superseries (Tokyo, Japan) BWF (Badminton)
24 – 25 Sep. Odense 2016 Hyundai Archery World Cup Final (Odense, Denmark) WA (Archery)
30 Sep. – 2 Oct. Korea Open Superseries (Seoul, Korea) BWF (Badminton)
30 Sep. – 2 Oct. TBC Golden Grand Prix (Baku, Azerbaijan) UWW (Wrestling)
6 – 9 Oct. TBC World Cup Final Rifle Pistol (Bologna, Italy) ISSF (Shooting)
8 – 9 Oct. SCG Thailand Open 2016 Grand Prix Gold (Bangkok, Thailand) BWF (Badminton)
9 Oct. Russian Open 2016 Grand Prix (Vladivostok, Russia) BWF (Badminton)
11 – 15 Oct. 2016 3×3 World Championships (Guangzhou, China) FIBA 3×3 (Basketball)
13 – 15 Oct. TBC World Cup Final Shotgun (Rome, Italy) ISSF (Shooting)
16 Oct. Chinese Taipei Masters 2016 Grand Prix (Taipei, Chinese Taipei) BWF (Badminton)
16 Oct. YONEX Dutch Open 2016 Grand Prix (Almere, Netherlands) BWF (Badminton)
21 – 23 Oct. YONEX Denmark Open 2016 Superseries Premier (Odense, Denmark) BWF (Badminton)
27 – 28 Oct. 2016 3×3 World Tour Final (Abu Dhabi, UAE) FIBA 3×3 (Basketball)
28 – 30 Oct. YONEX French Open 2016 Superseries (Paris, France) BWF (Badminton)
29 Oct. World Cadet Challenge (Shanghai, China) ITTF (Table Tennis)
30 Oct. ITTF – African Championships (Aghadir, Morocco) ITTF (Table Tennis)
5 – 6 Nov. Bitburger Badminton 2016 Grand Prix Gold (Saarbrucken, Germany) BWF (Badminton)
6 Nov. BWF World Junior Mixed Team Championships Suhandinata Cup (Bilbao, Spain) BWF (Badminton)
6 Nov. Hungary Junior & Cadet Open, ITTF Premium Junior Circuit (Szombathely, Hungary) ITTF (Table Tennis)
13 Nov. BWF World Junior Championships Eye-Level Cups (Bilbao, Spain) BWF (Badminton)
18 – 20 Nov. China Open 2016 Superseries Premier (Fuzhou, China) BWF (Badminton)
25 – 27 Nov. YONEX Sunrise Hong Kong Badminton Championships 2016 Superseries (Kowloon, Hong Kong) BWF (Badminton)
2 – 4 Dec. Torino Fencing Grand Prix (Torino, Italy) FIE (Fencing)
3 – 4 Dec. 2016 Macau Open Badminton Grand Prix Gold (Macau) BWF (Badminton)
4 Dec. 2016 Scottish Open Grand Prix (Glasgow, Scotland) BWF (Badminton)
9 – 11 Dec. Doha Fencing Grand Prix (Doha, Qatar) FIE (Fencing)
10 – 11 Dec. VICTOR 2016 Korea Masters Championships Grand Prix Gold (Jeonsu, Korea) BWF (Badminton)
16 – 18 Dec. BWF Destination Dubai World Superseries Finals (Dubai, UAE) BWF (Badminton)
16 – 18 Dec. Montreal Fencing Grand Prix (Montreal, Canada) FIE (Fencing)

Please check the IF website(s) for updated event schedules. Olympic Channel schedule subject to change.

* Broadcast dates to be confirmed.

About the Olympic Channel

The Olympic Channel is a digital-first, multiplatform global Olympic media entity, which aims to broadcast the Olympic Movement and its inherent values all year round, especially in the periods between the Olympic Games. The primary objectives of the Olympic Channel are the following:

  • Provide a platform for the continuous exposure of Olympic sports and athletes beyond the Olympic Games period and help create anticipation while providing opportunities to “re-live the experience” after the Games
  • Continuously highlight the relevance of the Olympic Movement’s ideals to the challenges of today’s world
  • Provide a platform for sharing the IOC’s very rich patrimonial assets and archives with the world and create additional value and content for the IOC archives
  • As a matter of priority, engage the young generations around the world using methods that are relevant to them, building understanding, entertainment and education.

At launch, the Olympic Channel will be a digital platform, with on-demand content available across the web, mobile, tablet and other connected devices where fans can experience the power of sport and Olympism 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. Audiences will also be able to access content and engage through a variety of social media platforms as part of the Olympic Channel network.